Set III: 50$ Sword of Destiny - The Witcher, 5$ Sword of Destiny - The Witcher, Gold Bar 1 oz, 5$ Maple Leaf x25 szt

Investment set

5$, 50$, 1$
Niue Island, Swiss, Canada
Ag 999, Au 999
62.2 g, 1 kg, 31.1 g
45 mm, 100 mm, 40.6 mm
Antique Finish, BU
Date of issue
Certificate, Wooden box, Blister, Tube
Price: 28,774.90 PLN
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A unique investment set! Buying a package you save about PLN 700, compared to buying each item in the package separately!

Good investors are characterized by investing funds in various investment branches. Numismatics is divided into an investment in the bullion itself and an investment in collector coins, whose subject matter and additions increase value. We therefore propose to combine these two variants in the form of an investment package.

Collector coins are characterized by a combination of an interesting theme with valuable bullion. Profit on such coins and its size depend on several factors: type of bullion, volume of circulation, subject, design, accessories, or the history associated with them. Valuable contemporary collector coins are usually minted from the highest quality silver or gold. The lower the circulation, the better. Currently, one of the most popular collector coins in Poland are those with the Witcher. Last year's edition of coins with the Witcher sold out completely.

The bullion is called a "safe haven of investment" because its exchange rate does not change drastically during financial crises, as is the case with currencies. When we take into account the last few years, the price of gold and silver is steadily rising. In case of inflation, their purchasing power increases, not decreases. Bullion is also a highly liquid investment. They are easy to store and secure, they are not subject to market influences or political changes.

Included in the set:

1) 5$ Sword of Destiny - The Witcher - coin minted from 2 ounces of fine silver, characterized by a high relief, decorated with hand-polished multilayer glass with sunken gold flakes and selective gilding. Its mintage is 2000 pieces worldwide. The whole is delivered in an elegant wooden box with a certificate of authenticity.

2) 50$ Sword of Destiny - The Witcher - an exceptional coin minted from 1 kg of 999 silver. In addition to its weight, it also impresses with its size of 100 mm. It has a high relief on both the reverse and the obverse, which is rare in the world of collector coins. An interesting addition to this version is a gemstone - agate imitating the sun. It is delivered in an elegant, wooden, lacquered box with a certificate of authenticity. 

3) Valcambi 1 oz gold bar - a bar produced by Valcambi SA, the Swiss Mint, which was founded in 1961 and is currently one of the largest and most reputable gold bar manufacturers in the world. The product is distinguished by a good quality blister (certipack), which provides good protection against cracking and damage of the ingot.

4) $5 Maple Leaf - mint tube of 25 pieces of one of the most recognizable bullion coins in the world. Produced continuously since 1979 in the Royal Canadian Mint, Maple Leaf has a unique diffractive radial line pattern, which prevents counterfeiting. The coin was struck from 1 ounce of fine silver. Photos of obverses are illustrative - year of emission is chosen randomly. It is guaranteed by the Canadian government for the quality, legality and purity of the bullion. Additionally, it is a legal tender. 

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