In force since 21th February 2021. 


The operator of the online store registered under the domain is Łukasz Rosanowski conducting business activity under the name of Mennica Gdańska Łukasz Rosanowski with the seat in Gdańsk, address: Matejki 20/1 80-232 Gdańsk, hereinafter referred to as the Operator, the Shop or the Mint of Gdańsk. The Mint of Gdańsk is registered in the Central Register and Information on Business Activity (CEIDG).
REGON: 220928298
NIP: 604 002 25 83

Acceptance of the Regulations is voluntary, but its absence makes it impossible for the Customer to place an order. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions is made when placing an order via the online store and/or before using other additional services available on the website (including the creation of a Customer Account).

These Terms and Conditions are available for download in PDF format.

The provisions of these Terms and Conditions are not intended to exclude or limit any rights of consumers under mandatory provisions of law.
In the event of unintentional non-compliance with the provisions of these Regulations with the above provisions, mandatory provisions shall prevail.
All goods available at the Mint of Gdańsk are original, free from physical and legal defects.
These Regulations also apply to persons conducting business activity, making purchases not directly related to their business or professional activity (trader on consumer rights).



I. Using the website and services provided through it (including placing an order in the online store requires that the terminal equipment and ICT system used by the Customer meet the technical requirements referred to below.

II. The technical requirements necessary for the Customer to use the website and the services provided through the website are as follows
- a computer device with access to the Internet,
- a web browser,
- enable cookies in your browser and have a current Javascript,
- having and providing an e-mail address enabling the sending of information concerning the order processing,
- a program to open PDF files (in order to read files made available by the Operator for download in PDF format, e.g. these Terms and Conditions).

III. The use of services provided by electronic means may involve a risk. Possible risks related to this are indicated in the appendix to these Regulations. The Operator shall take appropriate actions to minimize these risks.



I. Ways of ordering goods:

1. Orders can be placed via the website, e-mail, chat, contact form and telephone. The Mint of Gdansk has the right to notify the customer of the unavailability of goods and thus cancel the order within 2 days of its submission. This is due to the simultaneous sale of goods on different sales platforms. The Mint of Gdansk makes every effort to ensure that stock levels are updated quickly enough.

2. Reviewing the Shop's assortment does not require setting up an Account. Placing orders by the Customer for Products in the range of the Store is possible either after creating an Account in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations (point 2 below) or by providing the necessary personal data and address by e-mail to enable the implementation of the Order without creating an Account.

3. The website with the listed price is treated as an invitation to customers to make offers to purchase the goods. The conclusion of the Sales Agreement between the Customer and the Mint of Gdansk takes place after the Order has been placed by the Customer and the offer has been accepted by the Mint of Gdansk. The Agreement is concluded in Polish.

II. Opening an Account in the Store:

1. In order to create an Account in the Store, you need to fill in the Registration Form. It is necessary to provide the following data: name, surname, e-mail address, password.

2. Opening an Account in the Shop is free of charge.

3. Logging in to the Account is done by entering the login and password established in the Registration Form.

4. Customer has the opportunity at any time, without giving any reason and without incurring any fees, remove the Account by sending an appropriate request to the Seller, in particular by e-mail or in writing to the addresses given on the website of the online store.

III. Available forms of payment for coins:

-Bank transfer to the account number indicated by the Mint of Gdańsk,
-Online payment by DotPay/PayPal electronic transfer,
-Payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro), 
-Payment in cash at the moment of receiving the goods at the Mint of Gdańsk (Card payments via terminal at the the Mint's salespoint are charged with a 0,5 % commission (of the purchase value)).

The Customer selects the payment during the ordering process.

"Ask for price" - in this option the Customer makes his offer for a given product. An employee of the Mint of Gdańsk verifies the proposed price, accepting it or rejecting it.

IV. Currencies accepted by the Mint of Gdańsk:

The Mint of Gdańsk accepts online payments in currencies: American Dollars, Euros, Zlotys. Payment in cash is made in Polish currency, as well as in Euro. The rest is given in Polish currency.

V. Payment of the order by the customer:

Payment for the order must be made within 7 days of placing the order. For broth coins and bars this time is 24 hours. This applies to any type of payment: electronic and personal in the stationary shop. Failure to pay within the specified time may result in cancellation of the order.

VI. Posting of money transfers by the Mint of Gdańsk:

The booking of the transfer is in accordance with the regulations of the banks participating in the transaction. Changing the status of an order on the account of a customer of the Mint of Gdansk may take up to 3 working days.

VII. Certificates and boxes for goods:

1. Coins are delivered to customers in such packaging as the issuer provides. If the issuer provides a cap, certificate of authenticity or box, the coin is delivered to the Customer together with the mentioned elements. 
2. Ingots of gold and silver are usually secured in packaging which is also a certificate of authenticity;
3. At the special request of a client, the Mint of Gdańsk may issue a certificate for a bouillon coin and gold/silver bars.

VIII. Errors / mistakes in payment of the order:

In case of incorrect order placement / payment etc., please contact us immediately by phone; our sales representatives will solve each problem individually and find a satisfactory solution for both parties.

IX. Return and replacement of goods:

1. The customer may return the ordered goods to the Mint of Gdansk within 14 days from the date of receipt of the parcel. The goods are returned only intact, together with the proof of purchase (receipt / invoice). Return of goods should be reported by phone/e-mail in the above mentioned time. Returned goods should be delivered at its own expense, along with the receipt or invoice. This entitlement also applies to traders with consumer rights.

2. The Mint of Gdansk shall reimburse an amount equal to the price paid for the returned merchandise within 14 working days from the date the merchandise is returned to its registered office: ul. Matejki 20/1, 80-232 Gdansk, Poland. The refund is made using the same method of payment as chosen by the customer when paying for the order.

3. Refunds and exchanges are not subject to gold and silver investment. Pursuant to Article 38 point 2 of the Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2017, item 683), the Customer who is a Consumer shall not have the right to withdraw from the Contract of Sale due to the fact that the price determined for the Goods depends on fluctuations in the financial market over which the Seller does not have control and which may occur before the expiry of the deadline for withdrawal.. The exchange of goods for another shall be carried out only by telephone or by personal contact between the Client and the Mint of Gdańsk; if possible, the Sellers shall offer the Client a mutually beneficial solution. This entitlement also applies to traders with consumer rights.

X. Complaint about the purchased goods:

The customer has the right to complain about the purchased goods within 14 days from the date of receipt. The complaint shall be reported via e-mail or by post/courier. The Mint of Gdansk shall consider the complaint within 14 days from the date of delivery of the claimed product by the Client. The customer is obliged to pay for the complaint and deliver the product in its original packaging, also by post. In order for the complaint to be considered, it is necessary for the Customer to attach photos of the product's defect, shipping packaging and proof of purchase. In case of receiving a shipment that is damaged, we kindly ask you to check the content of the shipment at the delivery and draw up a protocol describing the damage in the presence of the carrier. In case of any deficiencies or damage, it will be the basis for the complaint. No complaints about milk spots and small scratches on bullion coins are taken into account - these elements result from the process of minting the coins, the properties of the metal and the packaging. Bullion coins are issued to customers in mint condition, straight from the issuer. 

Complaints are considered only by means of a correctly filled-in complaint form. Download the complaint form in ODT format | Download the complaint form in PDF format

XI. Withdrawal from the contract - the consumer and the trader on consumer rights:

1. In the case of Listed Goods (investment gold and silver and platinum) and Individualised Goods the Buyer cannot withdraw from the purchase contract concluded. In case of other Goods the Buyer has the right to withdraw, without giving any reason, from the concluded Sales Contract within 14 (in words: fourteen) days from the date of delivery of the Goods. To meet the deadline it is sufficient to send a statement before its expiry. Model withdrawal form is included in Appendix 2 to the Act on Consumer Rights. This provision and powers also apply to traders with consumer rights.

2. The period for withdrawal from the contract begins:
a) for a contract in the performance of which the entrepreneur delivers the goods being obliged to transfer its ownership - from taking possession of the goods by the consumer or a third party indicated by him other than the carrier, and in the case of a contract that
covers many items which are delivered separately, in lots or pieces, from the time of taking possession of the last item, lot or piece,
- consists in regular delivery of goods for a fixed period of time - from the moment of taking possession of the first item;
b) for other contracts, from the date of the conclusion of the contract.

3. In the event of withdrawal from a distance or off-premises contract, the contract shall be deemed not to have been concluded.

4. The trader shall, without delay and no later than 14 days from the day of receipt of the consumer's (a trader with consumer rights) statement of withdrawal, reimburse the consumer (a trader with consumer rights) for all payments made by him.

5. The trader shall reimburse the payment by the same means of payment as the consumer (a trader with consumer rights), unless the consumer has expressly agreed to a different method of reimbursement which does not involve any costs to the consumer (a trader with consumer rights).

6. The Consumer (a trader with consumer rights) shall immediately, no later than within 14 calendar days from the day on which he withdrew from the contract, return the Goods to the Operator or transfer them to a person authorized by the Operator to receive them. To meet the deadline it is sufficient to send back the Goods before its expiry. The Consumer (a trader with consumer rights) may also return the Goods in the Operator's branch.

7. The Consumer (a trader with consumer rights) shall be liable for any reduction in the value of the Goods resulting from their use in a manner exceeding that necessary to determine the nature, features and functioning of the Goods.

8. In the case of Goods being a service, the performance of which - at the express request of the consumer - began before the expiry of the period for withdrawal from the contract, the consumer, who exercises the right to withdraw from the contract after making such a request, is obliged to pay for the services provided until the moment of withdrawal from the contract. The amount of the payment shall be calculated in proportion to the extent of the performance performed, taking into account the price or remuneration agreed in the contract. If the price or remuneration is excessive, it shall be calculated on the basis of the market value of the performance performed. This also applies to a trader with consumer rights.

9. The right of withdrawal from the contract concluded at a distance is not available to the consumer in relation to contracts specifically indicated in Article 38 of the Act of 30 May 2014 on Consumer Rights, including contracts:
- o provision of services, if the Operator has fully performed the service with the express consent of the consumer, who was informed before the commencement of the service, that after the performance by the operator will lose the right to withdraw from the contract;
- in which the price or remuneration depends on fluctuations in the financial market, over which the Operator or the Contractor does not exercise control, and which may occur before the expiry of the deadline for withdrawal from the contract (Listed Goods);
- which has as its object an unprocessed item, manufactured to the consumer's specifications or to meet individual needs. This also applies to a trader with consumer rights.

Withdrawal from the goods is possible after completing and sending the completed form to the Gdańsk Mint. Download the withdrawal form in the ODT formatDownload the withdrawal form in the PDF format



I. Statuses and markings on goods:

1. 24h, 48h, 72h - from the moment of posting the payment on the bank account of the Mint of Gdańsk, within the specified range of hours the shipment is sent to the Customer;

2. 5 days, 7 days, 10 days, 14 days - from the moment of posting the payment on the bank account of the Mint of Gdańsk, within a given range of days the shipment is sent to the Customer;

3. Soon - the goods are sold in the form of a pre-sale; their shipment will take place after the date of delivery of the goods from the issuer. The Mint of Gdańsk is not responsible for delays in delivery on the part of the issuer, however, it is obliged to inform the Client about the delay in delivery;

4. Available - the goods are available in our warehouse and their shipment takes place up to 3 working days after the payment is credited to the bank account of the Mint of Gdańsk;

5. On request - the goods are not physically available at the Mint of Gdańsk. On special request of the Client, the Mint of Gdańsk may contact the issuer with a question whether the issuer still possesses the given product in its collections. If a given product is available, the Mint of Gdansk imports it for the Customer with an individually determined price.

II. Splitting the order into separate deliveries:

The customer has the right to divide the ordered goods into separate shipments, after agreeing on this fact by phone/e-mail. In case of an order amount of less than 2500 PLN, the customer is obliged to pay for subsequent deliveries.

III. Deliveries of goods with different statuses:

1. The Mint of Gdańsk ultimately delivers all goods in one shipment; in case of ordering goods whose statuses are "available" and "soon", the Mint of Gdańsk will deliver the goods upon receipt of all ordered goods from the issuer.

2. At the Client's special request it is possible to separate deliveries; in one package the Mint of Gdańsk may send goods available in the warehouse, while in another shipment send goods upon receipt from the issuer, in accordance with the delivery date described in the specification of the goods.

IV. Forms of delivery of goods:

1. On the territory of Poland; goods are delivered via the courier Fedex or to the Parcel Machine InPost. Shipments sent by courier are fully insured. Shipments sent by InPost parcel machines are not insured. The Mint of Gdansk is not responsible for damage or loss of the parcel.

2. To other European Union countries: goods are delivered by courier (DPD, UPS, TNT - the choice of carrier is left to the Mint of Gdansk).

3. Outside the European Union: goods are delivered by Fedex courier or Poczta Polska (Polish Post).

V. Shipment statuses and tracking:

1. Sent - The customer receives an e-mail with the tracking number and tracking link;

2. Payment accepted - this status occurs only in the case of DotPay and PayPal payments; it means posting the payment on the account of the Mint of Gdańsk;

3. Preparation in progress - means posting the payment on the account of the Mint of Gdańsk; waiting for delivery or issue from the issuer is in progress;

4. Cancelled - the order has been cancelled for various reasons (no fee within the deadline, no goods).

VI. Personal collection of goods:

It is possible to collect the goods in person at the Mint of Gdańsk 20/1 Matejki Street in Gdańsk.

VII. Costs of delivery of goods:

1. Courier  in Poland - 14 PLN.

2. Parcel Locker inPost in Poland - 15 PLN. Shipments sent by InPost parcel machines are not insured. The Mint of Gdansk is not responsible for damage or loss of the parcel.

3. Domestic shipments concerning orders worth more than PLN 2,500 are sent at the expense of the Mint of Gdańsk.

4. Goods with a value exceeding PLN 1000 are insured by the Mint of Gdansk. Goods worth more than 1000 PLN are insured by the Mint of Gdansk, only in case of shipment by courier. 

The price of the shipment consists of the costs of the service, materials and possible commission for payment by terminal, Dotpay, PayPal or PayU. Any additional customs charges imposed by the carriers (in addition to the shipping cost, which the customer pays when ordering) shall be paid by the Customer.

VIII. Forms of protection and packaging of goods:

1. Collector coins are delivered in packaging dedicated from the issuer (if any), additionally protected with bubble wrap.

2. Depending on the quantity, bouillon coins are delivered in a mint tube or in protective packaging (e.g. capsule, mint foil).

3. Gold and silver bars are delivered in a protective packaging dedicated from the issuer, called a certificate pack.

IX. Lost shipment by Polish Post/Courier:

The Mint of Gdańsk is not responsible for the loss of a parcel by a carrier. In such a situation the Mint of Gdansk requests the carrier to complain about the service.



1. Gift voucher and discount coupon can be used by the Customer for orders placed via the website, e-mail, telephone contact or in the stationary shop of the Mint of Gdansk. The Voucher and the Coupon entitles the Customer to purchase goods of an appropriate, specified value, or higher, for an additional payment of the remaining amount. Both the Voucher and the Coupon shall not be exchanged for cash, and unused funds shall not be returned to the Customer.

2. The number of the Voucher or Voucher must be entered in the "Promo Code" when placing an order on the website. The Customer may use the Voucher or Coupon only once and only for one order. The Voucher is combined with other promotions.

3. The Voucher/Discount coupon must be entered by the customer when placing an order in the online shop or given when placing a telephone/email/ landline shop order. The Voucher/Discount coupon cannot be realized after placing an order.



Detailed principles of personal data processing and protection of privacy of Users and Purchasers by the Operator are specified in the Privacy Policy, available in the bookmark "Privacy Policy" on the website of the Shop.



1. The Customer may consent to receive the Newsletter provided by the Operator. The Newsletter shall be sent exclusively to Customers who have ordered it by ticking the appropriate box in the registration form or the form available on the website and indicating their e-mail address in order to send commercial information within the meaning of the Act of 18 July 2002 on provision of electronic services (uniform text: Journal of Laws of 2013, item 1422).

2. Within the framework of the service, information in the form of an electronic letter (e-mail) is sent via electronic mail to the e-mail address provided by the Customer (e-mail address). The newsletter shall contain, in particular, information about the Store's offer and current promotions. The newsletter shall be sent free of charge.

3. The Customer may at any time, without giving reasons and without incurring costs, change the indicated e-mail address (e-mail address) to which the Newsletter is sent or resign from the Newsletter by clicking on the Newsletter link included in the footnote of each Newsletter, typing in the appropriate field his e-mail address (e-mail address) and then selecting the "unsubscribe" button.



1. Court of jurisdiction for disputes arising from the purchase contract is the competent court for the seat of the Store.

2. Detailed information on out-of-court ways of handling complaints and pursuing claims, as well as the rules of access to these procedures are available in the offices and on the websites of county (city) consumer advocates, social organizations whose statutory tasks include consumer protection, provincial inspectorates, Trade Inspection and the following addresses of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection:
- solution_sporow_konsumer_sporow.php,
- www.uok

3. The goods presented in the Shop do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code Act of 23 April 1964 (Journal of Laws of 1964, No. 16, item 93), they are only an invitation to submit purchase offers on the part of the User.
The owner of the shop is Łukasz Rosanowski of the Mint of Gdańsk, ul. Matejki 20/1 80-232 Gdańsk. Payments are handled by DotPay and PayPal.