How to start investing in times of crisis?

The effects of the pandemic, war, inflation and money printing increase anxiety around the world. Therefore, investing in gold and silver is becoming an increasingly popular form of capital...

November news! Second coin in the series

We are not slowing down and in November we are releasing sequels to well-known and loved series. Did you know that this time we released a coin with a moving propeller? See for yourself!

Continuations of exceptional series

October is the month of continuations of well-known and well-loved series. Many of you have been waiting for the next meteorite coin or the next famous explorer. See what we have prepared for you.


The first silver coin "Talent" from "Robert Lewandowski, Droga do marzeń" rapidly sold out! The series was created to honor the Capitan of the Polish national footbal team. Now is a chance to...

Queen Elizabeth II on coins

Changing the ruler's image on coins is a labour-intensive task. The death of Queen Elizabeth II means changes that could take at least two years.

NBP issuance plan for 2023

Every year, the National Bank of Poland prepares the Issue Plan for the following year. This year, we will already know in the summer what coins we can expect in 2023.