SET: Cyberpunk 2022, collector's bon + Torch UV/LED

Torch UV/LED + Collector's banknote, 9 security features against counterfeiting

SET: Cyberpunk 2022, collector's bon + Torch UV/LED

The design of the coin is illustrative and may differ from the final result.

0 Zlotowek Gdanskich
140 x 70 mm
Printing UV
5000 pcs
Date of issue
Torch UV/LED
The Punk Universe
PLN135.00 PLN121.50

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A practical torch with 2 functions: UV light and white light.

The 6 UV-LEDs with a wavelength of 365 nm (long wavelength) offer various possibilities of use. For example, the torch can be used to determine the fluorescence of banknotes, stamps, minerals and fossils, to check credit cards and driving licences, to make the colours shining under UV light visible.

A huge advantage over most UV hand lamps: the UV light can be used in bright environments and in daylight! Comes with hand strap. Metal housing. Battery-powered: 3x 1.5V batteries, type AAA (not included).

Warning: The lamp emits UV radiation. Do not shine directly into the eyes. Do not expose your skin to constant light.


The first collector's bon from the Mint of Gdansk! It joins the phenomenal series  "The Punk Universe".


Create a new chapter in modern numismatics!


This collector bon perfectly reflects the nature of the science-fiction trend, which concerns the consideration of a technologically advanced future, inhabited by cyborgs and people functioning in virtual reality.

It has been secured with specialist, innovative techniques, both on the reverse and the obverseThe PWPW paper guarantees the security of the data and proves the individuality of the product.

The mintage is strictly limited - only 5000 pieces worldwide.

The new product refers in its denomination to the old Gdansk currency - Złotówki Gdańskie. Inspired by the Mahatma Gandhi's anti-corruption 0 Rupee banknote, we have created a Polish equivalent which draws attention to the demoralising problems of the modern world, regardless of position or position. The bon also carries an anti-inflationary message and is not legal tender in Poland.

The copy has been protected by a number of different techniques:

-UV active image,
-daylight saving fibres,
-UV active protection fibers,
-chemical security features,
-UV active typographic numbering.


This bon is a collector's blend of tradition and modernity!


The word "cyberpunk" describes a sub-genre of science fiction. It is characterized by several main features: it describes a high-tech future in which humans coexist with cyborgs in a virtual reality. The dystopian image of society is well-described as “high tech & low life”. The future in cyberpunk is pessimistic, dark, full of moral destruction, where the advanced technology is often the source of problems and causes more harm than good. Cyberpunk shows how the environment of advanced technology impacts the humans in the worst possible way. The book "Neuromancer" by William Gibson, published in 1984, is considered to have started the trend.

This genre is also often described by the three principle - City, Mass, Machine. Action of books or movies usually takes place in huge, overcrowded metropolis, where technology has demoralized people, destroying relations between them.

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