Slavic Beasts - a coin series with high profit potential

For years, collectors have loved themes related to various mythologies. For a long time Greek and Scandinavian mythologies led the way. In recent years, Slavic mythologies have become more and more popular - no wonder. The beliefs of our ancestors are extremely fascinating. This fascination gave rise to the "Slavic Beasts" silver coin.


Mythological themes and the rise of value

Numismatic enthusiasts are fond of mythological themes. This is certainly due to the exuberant world of various gods, deities and creatures, which offers almost unlimited possibilities. A creative soul with a great imagination is able to show the differences in given beliefs in a fascinating way. Coins are a very graceful background for mythology - with the help of inspiring additions it is possible to show even the same gods, but differently each time. Coins are also a kind of witness to history. Silver as a metal is a very durable medium for changing history, and mythologies have played an important role in human history

Coins associated with mythologies very often go up in value. An example is the "Gods of Olympus" series. Coins such as Poseidon, Zeus or Athena have increased in value by up to 50%. A similar situation happened to the "Roman Gods" series. The Jupiter and Bellona coins on secondary markets are sought after at a price over 200% higher than the issue price. The coin Ares - God of War is currently worth approx. PLN 8000, while its issue price was PLN 1000. All this shows that mythological subjects are not only eagerly acquired by collectors, but also by investors who see in them an investment potential.


"Slavic Beasts" series

The "Slavic Beasts" series was opened with the Rusalka coin. The coin was struck from 3 ounces of pure silver with a total weight of 93.3 grams. The reverse of the coin shows a mysterious image of a rusalka emerging from the water. Around her float aquatic creatures among characteristic vegetation. A special colour print was applied to the water, thanks to which the silver rusalka contrasts wonderfully with the background. The water lily has also been colourfully printed. This flower is deeply rooted in literature, art and heraldry. Below the lily is the gilded name of the coin and the series.

The obverse of the coin is rich in mystical details related to flora and fauna. It also features the issuer's coat of arms, the year of issue, the denomination and the silver sample.

In Slavic mythology rusalkas were demonic creatures inhabiting forests, fields and bodies of water. They were imagined as beautiful, naked girls with long, loose hair. They laughed loudly and sang. They appeared during the new moon and attracted young men to them. If anyone approached them, the hair of the mermaids turned green and their faces twisted. The rusalkas would kill lured people who touched them. It was believed that maidens who died before they could get married became rusalkas. 







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