Bestsellers of August

Autumn is already behind the belt, so it's time to summarize the last holiday month. See which coins investors most willingly chose to invest their capital.

Place 5: Argor Heraeus gold bar, 1 oz

Argor-Heraeus is the market leader in precious metals.  The Swiss company (as one of the five refineries in the world) is certified by the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association), which sets standards and ensures the quality of its products. Thanks to the supervision of this organization, anyone who decides to invest in gold joins an elite group that invests their savings safely and steadily. In August, the most popular was 1 oz gold bar, which weighs 31.1 grams.

Place 4: Krugerrand, 1/2 oz

There are several famous bouillon coins all over the world, but the 1st place in terms of popularity belongs to Krugerrand. The famous coin minted in South Africa, from a characteristic 916 gold sample, is gold with copper, thanks to which the coins receive their characteristic colour. Krugerrand 1/2 oz. turned out to be a popular version of the coin during the summer holidays.

Place 3: 5$ Maple leaf, 1 oz

The podium opens with a Canadian Clone Leaf, which is well known to investors. Knocked out from the purest 9999 silver sample by Royal Canadian Mint, the most popular version of 1 oz is a bestseller almost every month.

Place 2: 1 Hryvnia Liquidator, Chernobyl

The mintage of this coin was sold out a few hours after its issue. No wonder - this coin is dedicated to a very well-known and interesting - despite its horror - event. Undoubtedly, an interesting addition is the UV print and the fact that the coin shines in the dark! In addition, the mintage amounted to only 100 pieces for the whole world.

Place 1: 10 Marek Berserk - Warriors

The undisputed leader of August. This coin was long awaited by many collectors. The Berserk is the first coin in the "Warriors" series. Minted by the German Mint, known for its extraordinary precision and precision in detail. Berserk impresses with its high relief engraving and selective gold plating. Only 499 coins were minted. For all those interested in this coin, we have good news - we still have a few last pieces left!


Author: Izabela Lemańczyk