Where to replace damaged banknotes?

Destroyed banknotes - what to do?

The intention is that paper money is designed so that the risk of damage to it is minimized as much as possible. However, this does not prevent some unlucky ones from tipping the banknote in half or stain it. The National Bank of Poland predicted that such a thing could happen and therefore published instructions for dealing with such a situation. It turns out that even heavily damaged banknotes can be easily exchanged in any bank.

Damaged money is obliged to accept from us every branch of a commercial bank operating in Poland, as well as all branches of the National Bank of Poland. This is a fairly clear term and going to these places with a banknote in hand, remember about our rights.

Destroyed banknotes - exchange for new ones

The exchange process itself is not overly complicated. You only need to inform the bank employees about the situation, and then they will start the appropriate procedure. In exceptional situations, i.e., when it is difficult to clearly determine the numbering of a banknote, it is sent to the National Bank of Poland. Then, the applicant willing to exchange must arm himself with a little patience. Only after receiving the feedback is he or she granted a specific phrase.

The actual scale of damage affects whether a person reporting paper money for exchange receives exactly the same denomination. As a rule, two basic cases should be distinguished. In the first of these, that is, the banknote has retained over 75 percent of the area, has been interrupted or stained, then it is exchanged for the full value. A less optimistic variant covers cases where 45 to 75 percent of the paper money is preserved in one piece, and easily recognize its denomination. In this case 50% of its value is given as part of the refund. The bank must exchange if the banknote has been preserved in at least one piece representing 45% of its original.

Damaged banknotes - it's worth exchanging

It often happens that the rest received in the store deviates from the quality of the new banknotes so that it should be removed from circulation. When in our wallet we find an illegible banknote, written or even slightly torn - do not be afraid to replace it. We will not be charged with any costs.
Using money in a physical form will always be at risk of damaging it. Having knowledge of the exchange procedure provided by the National Bank of Poland, you do not have to be afraid of a situation where, for various reasons, you get a damaged banknote. A few minutes spent exchanging will help stop the total destruction and loss of value, and hence our own money.