2$ Earthquake- Cataclysms

1 oz Ag 999 Copper Plating

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1$ Earthquake- Cataclysms

The design of the coin is illustrative and may differ from the final result.

2 $
Ag 999
31,1 g
Ø 38,61 mm
Antique Finish
High Relief
Numbered Edge
Copper Plating
500 pcs
Date of issue
Certificate, Box
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We present you the first coin in the Cataclysm series - beautiful design, great additions, low circulation and an amazing charity event. All in one!

For centuries, life on Earth has been accompanied by Cataclysms. They come unexpectedly, making unimaginable devastation and take away millions of lives. The new series of coins we present to you tells about the most dangerous natural phenomena on Earth. The Mint announces about 6 coins in the series, among which volcanic eruption or hurricane will be included.

The series starts with the Earthquake coin. Of ten most tragic natural catastrophes in the history of the world, half of them are earthquakes. They arise as a result of stresses on the earth's crust and movements of rock layers, the effect of which is energy transforming into seismic waves. Some of them reach the surface of the Earth and destroy everything on their path.

Of all the earthquakes that have been recorded in the history of the world as the perpetrators of the greatest damage:

Aleppo (Syria) - 1138, 8.5 degrees Richter scale, shocks were felt all the way to Damascus (about 400 km away), about 230 thousand people died.

Damghan (Iran) - 856, 7.9 on the Richter scale, about 200,000 people died.

Port-Au-Prince (Haiti) - 2010, 7 levels of the Richter scale, one of the most tragic disasters of our time, in which 316,000 people were and several million have lost their homes.

San Francisco (USA) - 1906, 7.8 degrees Richter scale, the earthquake lasted 40 seconds, but its effects (including fires) are considered the worst catastrophe in the history of the United States and the cause of significant inhibition of California's development.

The Cataclysm series is not only a new chapter in numismatics, which carries out intense natural phenomena and renders their destructive power in a symbolic way on a small area of 38.61 mm, it is also a charity event. We, the Mint of Gdansk, as the exclusive distributor of this series, decided to transfer 1% of the sale of each coin to the victims of the earthquake in Nepal, which took place in 2015. Nearly 9,000 people died then, and almost half a million lost their apartments. The Nepalese people are still struggling with the effects of those events.

An earthquake is one ounce of oxidized silver covered with copper. The high relief perfectly enhances the cracks in the earth's crust that occupy the entire reverse. On the obverse, the symbol of the issuer - Fiji and information on the face value, weight, type of metal and the year of issue - have been placed on the background of the ruins of the city.

Only 500 pieces of this unique coin will hit the global numismatic market, which will not only diversify the collection, will bring the buyer's profit, but above all give real help to the victims of the earthquake.



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