5$ Kajko and Kokosz - 50 Years of Comics 1972-2022

2 oz Ag 999

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The design of the coin is illustrative and may differ from the final result.

5 $
Ag 999
62,2 g
Ø 45 mm
Antique Finish
Printing UV
High Relief
Numbered Edge
500 pcs
Date of issue
Certificate, Box
Kajko and Kokosz
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There has never been such a coin before! 

For the first time ever, the heroes of the "Kajko and Kokosz" comics have been immortalized on a coin!


The first coin in the "Kajko and Kokosz" series, which depicts the fate of the famous comic characters. It was issued on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the first comic book.


The reverse of the coin depicts the essence of the entire series. In the central part are the colorful main characters, namely Kajko (on the left) and Kokosz (on the right). Around them are important supporting characters: Aunt Jaga (on a broomstick), raven Gdaś, castellan Mirmil, brigand Łamignat, Hegemon, Kapral, dragon Miluś and Lubawa. The top of the reverse side shows the date of the first comic book, and the bottom has the series logo. The coin is decorated with ultra-high relief, which is as high as 3 mm! Each coin is numbered, so there is no other one like it in the world!

On the obverse, in turn, there is an image of castellan Mirmil's castle, where Slavic warriors lived. The central part features the issuer's coat of arms, the denomination, the bullion proof and the weight of the coin. 

The coin was struck from 2 ounces of pure silver in a limited mintage of 500 pieces. It is packaged in a thematic box along with a certificate of authenticity.


Kajko and Kokosz is a Polish comic book series by Janusz Christa that debuted in Poland in 1972 and was published primarily until 1992. Mixing history and fantasy tropes it is centered on light-hearted and often comedic adventures of two Slavic warriors named Kajko and Kokosz.


Janusz Christa (19 July 1934, Wilno – 15 November 2008, Sopot) was a Polish author of comic books, creator of the comic book series Kajtek i Koko and, perhaps his most well-known, the Kajko i Kokosz series. He debuted in 1957 and many of his works have been printed in the Wieczór Wybrzeza and Świat Młodych magazines. He stopped creative work in the 1990s due to declining health.

Many of his works have been recently re-released in Poland. Notably, one of Kajko and Kokosz books "Szkoła Latania" ("Flying School") became the first comic book to be mandatory school reading. In 2018, some of his books finally received foreign translations, including English, French and Ukrainian. One book was also published in Esperanto.


Coin design:


3D visualization:



The photos of the coin are for reference. The coin in reality may vary slightly.

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