SET: Solaris 1/10 oz Au + Stanisław Lem 1/10 oz Au

2 x 1/10 oz Au 9999

10 €
Au 9999
3.11 g
Ø 18 mm
1000 pcs
Certificate, Box
Stanisław Lem, Master of Science Fiction
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Lemismatics applied to gold!

Very limited quantity: only 10 sets! When purchasing this item, there is a limit: 3 pcs. (maximum quantity allowed in all customer purchases). Buying this set you will save 100 PLN.

A unique set consisting of two gold coins from the "Stanislaw Lem" series!


The world's first gold coins in the series "Stanislaw Lem, Master of Science Fiction", which are dedicated to the writer's work. The combination of valuable bullion and the global science-fiction phenomenon is a recipe for a successful investment.


The coins were struck from 1/10 ounces of pure gold in a limited mintage of only 1000 pieces worldwide

The reverse of the first coin depicts the novel's main character, psychologist Kris Kelvin, who arrives from Earth at a research station floating above the cytoplasmic ocean that covers the planet Solaris.

The reverse of the second coin features a profile of Stanisław Lem according to a photograph from the 1960s, when he celebrated his greatest triumphs and when his most important novels and collections of short stories were written.

The coins are packaged in an elegant wooden box (natural wood, boxes may differ in appearance) with a certificate attesting to its authenticity.


"Solaris" is Stanislaw Lem's most famous novel. In this book, the author takes up one of the most popular themes of fantasy literature - the theme of Contact. With an alien civilisation, a different form of life, or perhaps simply with the Unknown, Lem does not explicitly state this. Perhaps this is why Solaris continues to fascinate several decades after its first publication.


Stanisław Lem was a Polish writer of the hard science-fiction genre, philosopher and futurologist. He was born on 12 September 1921 in Lviv and died on 27 March 2006 in Krakow. His works dealt with such topics as the development of science and technology, human nature, the possibility of communication between intelligent beings and the place of man in the Universe. Lem's works contain references to the state of society and scientific and philosophical reflections on it. In addition to science fiction stories, such as 'The Star Diaries' or the Pilot Pirx adventure series, Lem's oeuvre includes detective novels ('Investigation'), futurological essays and treatises (e.g. 'Summa technologiae'), poetry, screenplays for radio plays, films or dramas, as well as the unique space fairy tale 'The Robot Fairy Tales'. One of the many expressions of international recognition of Stanisław Lem's work was the naming of the asteroid discovered in September 1970 after him, as well as the first scientific satellite built entirely in Poland. In Poland, Stanisław Lem's books are published by Wydawnictwo Literackie, with which the writer has been associated for almost his entire career.


The photos of the coin are for reference. The coin in reality may vary slightly.

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