5$ Baptism of Fire - The Witcher Book Series

2 oz Ag 999 Cooper insert

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The design of the coin is illustrative and may differ from the final result.

5 $
Niue Island
Ag 999
62,2 g
Ø 45 mm
Antique Finish
High Relief
Numbered Edge
Selective gold plating
Copper insert
2000 pcs
Date of issue
Certificate, Box
The Witcher Book Series
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Return of the Witcher Book Series! Experience the next amazing adventures of the White Wolf minted in the purest silver! Each coin from the "The Witcher Book Seriessells out in a flash and additionally gains in value. The first coin of the series went up by over 400%!


This year we present the fifth issue of the coin, Baptism of Fire.

The Baptism of Fire coin is minted in 62.2 grams of fine silver. The reverse, 45 mm in diameter, depicts an important scene from Andrzej Sapkowski's book of the same title. 

The left side of the reverse features a hermit who incited the local peasants against an underprivileged girl whom he accused of witchcraft. In defense of the girl stood the White Wolf with his company: Regis, the higher vampire, and Milva, the archer, who were placed in the center of the coin. The hermit called them in for a trial by fire, saying that only a person with an impeccable heart could take out the red-hot horseshoe with his bare hand. To everyone's surprise, the horseshoe was taken out of the fire by Regis. At that point, the camp was attacked by a Nilfgaard plunger and the entire company was scattered.


Every detail of the reverse is perfectly visible thanks to the high relief, and the whole thing looks extremely vivid, just like the world presented in Sapkowski's book. Additions also attract the attention. On the reverse there is an addition in the form of selective gold, which covers Milva's arrow. Another interesting element of the decoration is the imitating horseshoe copper insert. The inserts may differ from the one shown in the picture. 

The obverse is decorated with ornaments and symbols related to White Wolf. On the left side of the obverse there is information about the denomination, silver sample and issuer. 

The coin is packed in an elegant, wooden box with a certificate of authenticity. Limited edition of 2000 pieces!


Issue plan (may be subject to change):

1. The Last Wish 
2. Sword of Destiny 
3. Blood of Elves 
4. Time of Contempt 
5. Baptism of Fire
6. The Tower of the Swallow 
7. The Lady of the Lake 
8. Season of Storms 





The photos of the coin are for reference. The coin in reality may vary slightly.

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