Set: Sword of Destiny 1/10 oz Au + 2 oz Ag

1/10 oz Au 9999 + 2 oz Ag 999

5$ + 10$
Niue Island
Ag 999 + Au 9999
62,2 g + 3,11 g
45 mm + 16 mm
Antique Finish
Selective gold plating
Multilayered 3D Glass
2000 szt. + 1000 szt.
Date of issue
2020 + 2022
Certificate, Box
The Witcher Book Series
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A unique investment set composed of "Sword of Destiny" coins! Very limited quantity: only 10 sets! When purchasing this item, there is a limit: 3 pcs. (maximum quantity allowed in all customer purchases). Buying this set you will save 700 PLN.


1) This is the world's second coin in the "Witcher Book Series" struck from gold of the purest purity 9999. The combination of valuable bullion and a global phenomenon is a recipe for an ideal investment. On the reverse side of the coin is the moment of transformation of the mimicsDopplers (also called shifters, mimics) are shapeshifters who can take the form of anyone or any beast they have encountered, provided it has a similar body weight. They used to live in the plateau near modern-day Novigrad but moved to the city itself after it proved to offer more possibilities of survival. In natural form they look quite hideous – like bald, long-nosed and yellow-eyed midgets with elongated limbs, tongues, and noses; somewhat resembling a figurine molded out of dough. They rarely remain so, however – they can change into any being who they know and who does not differ from their size. They can copy so precisely that apart from appearance they acquire physical features (like voice), skills, mindset, and characteristic behaviors. To do all this they don't need any previous insightful observation, they do it instinctively. They also can change fragments of their bodies into clothes or equipment, like a sword or lute. On the obverse, on the other hand, there are symbols related to the journey of White Wolf.

The coin was struck from 1/10 of an ounce of gold. Each coin comes with a certificate of authenticity in an elegant wooden box, varnished to high gloss. The mintage is limited - only 1000 pieces were struck!


2) It is the second coin in "The Witcher Book Series". The series was opened in 2019 by "The Last Wish" coin, its name referring to the novels by Andrzej Sapkowski by the same title. The Sword of Destiny coin is mint in 62.2 grams of pure silver. The reverse, 45 mm in diameter, shows two scenes that appear at the beginning and end of the story. The main scene on the reverse, often described by experts and fans as one of the most important in The Witcher Book Series, presents three characters. The Queen of Brokilon, Eithne, is holding the goblet and hands it to Ciri, one of the main figures in the saga. Next to her is Dryad Braenn. The goblet is filled with the Brokilone Water, containing special powers. Drinking water from the goblet is to determine the fate of Ciri and the others - she may choose to stay in Brokilon or follow her destiny. In the background we see main character, who has killed skolopendromorf- a forest creature attacking the local residents. Every detail of the reverse is perfectly visible thanks to the high relief, and the whole looks very vividly, just like the world presented in the collection of Sapkowski's novels. The accessories also attract attention. Character's sword was plated with pure gold. The most important element of the decoration, the goblet, was made in a very special, hand-polished glass, multilayered 3D glass (slight differences in color compared to visualisations may occur). The obverse is decorated with ornaments and symbols related to the Brokilon Forest and hero's attributes: swords and a wolf symbol. The elegant coin box also bears the symbol of the hero i.e. the wolf. Limited mintage of 2000 pieces!


Issue plan of coins from The Witcher Book Series:

1. The Last Wish 
2. Sword of Destiny 
3. Blood of Elves 
4. Time of Contempt 
5. Baptism of Fire 
6. The Tower of the Swallow 
7. The Lady of the Lake 
8. Season of Storms

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