7$ Epidaurus, Greek Theatre - History of Theatre

3 oz Ag 999 Reverse Concave

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7$ Epidauros, Teatr Grecki - Historia Teatru

The design of the coin is illustrative and may differ from the final result.

7 $
Niue Island
Ag 999
93,3 g
Ø 50 mm
Antique Finish
High Relief
Reverse Concave
500 pcs
Date of issue
Certificate, Box
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This series is an alive lesson of history. Every following coin will concern a topic of a theatre development and its different forms which had a significant impact on a current shape of the theatre. Undoubtedly, “History of the Theatre” has an enormous educational qualities which along with its perfect esthetics and an impressive design would be a very valuable acquisition for every coin collector.

Ancient Greece is a theatre’s cradle. First performances took places here during The Great Dionysus festivals. Many different theatrical forms which are still present in a theatre, were created back then. Performances were usually held where a big audience could be gathered. Mountainous landscape of Greece came in handy and thus many  theatres were built on the slopes of hills. Eventually, impressive in size amphitheatres were built, unfortunately only few of them survived until this day.

An example of such a building is a theatre in Epidauros which was built around 330 BC. by Polykleitos the Younger. For many years this architectural masterpiece was covered with mud. It was found in 18th century due to archaeological excavations. The auditorium preserved in a great condition, in contrary to a stage.  The theatre is very impressive thanks to its size (it can be occupied by 14 000 viewers) but also an acoustic of the place is amazing, even a whisper can be heard at the last - 55th row. Until this day plays are performed here, mostly those of ancient writers.

The first coin from the series “ History of the Theatre” is dedicated to the theatre in Epidauros. The theatre is amazingly reconstructed to the smallest detail. The biggest impression makes a theatron  -  a place for an audience which remains its unique look due to a sunken shape of the reverse side of the coin. The coin is made of 3 ounces of oxidated silver of the highest fineness 999 which beautifully brings out the antic character of the coin. Round shape, high relief of 2 mm and precision of each detail contribute to a very accurate reflection of the edifice.

On the reverse side two images of the great Greek writers are presented : Sophocles and Aeschylus who along with Euripides formed the triad of Athenian dramatic poets. We owe them a rapid development of an Old Greek tragedy.

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