10$ White Wolf - The Witcher Book Series 5 oz + 5$ Leonidas - Great Commanders + 5$ Nizaris - Assassins, set with books

5 oz + 2 x 2 oz Ag 999 set with books

10$, 5 $
Niue Island
Ag 999
155,5 g, 62,2 g
45 x 48 x 80 mm, 50 mm, 45 mm
Antique Finish
Numbered Edge
Red Gold Plated
1000 szt., 999 szt.
Date of issue
2021, 2019
Certificate, Box
The Witcher Book Series
Great Commanders
8,199.00 PLN 7,899.00 PLN Save 300.00 PLN
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A set of three coins, including the world's first shape of a statue coin!

The package:

1) The first coin in the set is White Wolf, the first coin in the shape of statue from the "The Witcher Book Series". The coin was minted from 168 g Ag 925, which means: 5 oz Ag 999 and 12,5 g CuNi. The majestic pose of White Wolf was minted in silver with all details. The main protagonist appears in the combat position he assumes in Andrzej Sapkowski's books. The famous swords of the character were exposed, and additionally the sword in hero's hand was decorated with runic script. The coin also features the amulet of the School of the Wolf , proudly resting on the character's neck. The obverse confirms the authenticity of the coin. It contains information on the denomination, issuer, weight and purity of the silver. The mintage was limited to 1000 pieces. This is the first coin in the shape of statue from the planned 12, inspired by novels and characters from the Witcher book series by Andrzej Sapkowski. 8 coins will correspond to subsequent volumes of The Witcher book series and 4 coins will be dedicated to scenes from the books with main characters.

2) The coin is accompanied by the book "The Witcher. History of the phenomenon" by Adam Flamma. The lavishly illustrated book, full of curiosities and unknown facts, contains, among other things, 17 interviews with the creators (including Andrzej Sapkowski himself, Bogusław Polch, Marek Brodzki, Jacek Rozenk, Tomasz Bagiński and the musicians Percival Schuttenbach).

3) The second coin in the set is the Leonidas, which is the second coin from the "Great Commanders" series. This five-dollar coin on the reverse shows Leonidas fighting the Persian army. In the background you can see a small but brave Spartan army. Particularly noteworthy is the selective plating of red gold, which imitates the blood of warriors. The coin is also decorated with a three-millimetre high relief, which shows every detail of the design. The obverse is decorated with a map showing the location of the Persian-Greek troops, the most important battles and battle routes, as well as a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.The mintage is limited to 999 pieces.

4) The coin is accompanied by the book "Ancient Greece. From Prehistory to Hellenistic Times." by Martin R. Thomas. The themes of the novel describe the history of Greece, starting from its beginnings in the Stone Age, through the time of the Persian Wars and the Athenian Empire, to the conquests of Alexander the Great. 

Each coin is delivered in a dedicated, elegant box with a certificate of authenticity.

5) The third coin in the set is the Nizaris, which is the first coin in the "Assassins" series. It depicts three figures of Assassins in distinctive costumes and full armament, ready for battle. In their hands they are holding gilded daggers. In the background, we can admire Alamut - a mountain fortress in the Elbrus mountains, which in the years 1090-1256 was the political center of the Nizaric Ismalites. The high relief superbly highlights the finest details of the design and allows us to feel the atmosphere of danger that emanates from the stealthy figures. In turn, the central part features the image of Queen Elizabeth II. Along the edge, information about the denomination, issuer and year of issue has been placed. The whole is decorated with a beautiful Arabic design, in which two daggers have been incorporated. The mintage is limited to 999 pieces.

6) The coin is accompanied by a book "Assassins. Legendary Assassins in the Time of the Crusades" by Jerzy Hauziński. The theme of the novel focuses on a sect of Muslim Ismailites living in inaccessible mountainous regions of the Middle East.

We offer you an excellent opportunity to invest in a sophisticated combination of valuable silver, a globally famous theme and original accessories!

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