5$ Cyberpunk - The Punk Universe + 5$ Sword of Destiny - The Witcher, Set of coins and books

2 x 2 oz Ag 999 set with books

5 $
Niue Island
Ag 999
62,2 g
45 mm, 50 mm
Antique Finish
High relief, numbered edge
Multilayered 3D glass, selective gilding
UV printing, fluorescent printing
2000 szt., 500 szt.
Date of issue
2020-11, 2021-03
Certificate, Box
The Witcher
The Punk Universe
Price: 3,499.00 PLN
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A set of two of the most anticipated coins of the year!

This combination is a pop-culture phenomenon. The Witcher is known all over the world for his books, games and a series about the adventures of Geralt of Rivia, while cyberpunk became famous thanks to the computer game produced by the Polish developer. Both of these topics have one thing in common - popularity. They have millions of fans around the world. In turn, our coins were awaited by many collectors, fans and investors.


Now we offer a unique set, consisting of coins and books describing the world of the Witcher and Cyberpunk.

The package:

1) The second coin from "The Witcher" series, the Sword of Destiny. It was struck from 62.2 grams of pure 999 silver. The reverse, 45 mm in diameter, depicts two scenes that appear in the story.

Every detail of the reverse is perfectly visible thanks to the high relief, and the whole looks very vividly, just like the world presented in the collection of Sapkowski's stories. The accessories are a perfect match: the witcher's sword was plated with pure gold. The most important element of the decoration, i.e. the cup, is made of hand-cut, multi-layered glass with gold flakes embedded in it. The glass inserts may differ slightly from each other and from the visualization as they have been handcrafted.

The obverse is decorated with ornaments and symbols related to the Brokilon Forest and Geralt's attributes: swords and a wolf symbol. The elegant coin box also bears the symbol of the Witcher, the wolf. Limited mintage of only 2000 copies! It may be risky to wait until the last moment because they might be sold out!

2) The coin comes together with a book "Sword of Destiny" by Andrzej Sapkowski, which presents the fate of Geralt. One of the most important scenes from the book is on the reverse of the coin.

3) The second coin in the set is Cyberpunk, the first coin from the "The Punk Universe" series. The reverse impresses with the multitude of details; each coin reveals cyberpunk features. The design surprises with the multitude of colours that remind us of modern lasers and neon lights. The futuristic expression is also highlighted by the fluorescent printing - the coin glows in the dark! Selected elements are exposed in a form of high relief, thanks to which the whole gets a three-dimensional look. The obverse also refers to cybernetics - it shows complex connections that can be both informatic and neural. The mintage of the coin is limited to only 500 pieces worldwide!

4) The coin is accompanied by the book "Blade runner. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" by Philip K. Dick. To many readers and fans it is the pure essence of cyberpunk. The novel focuses on the problem of the humans and androids coexistence in a “high tech & low life” reality and the author's reflections on the sense of humanity and ethics.

Each coin is delivered in a dedicated, elegant wooden box with a certificate of authenticity.


We offer you an excellent opportunity to invest in a sophisticated combination of valuable silver, a globally famous theme and original accessories!

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