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2$ Greece - Imperial Art

2 oz Ag 999 Agate

Denomination 2 $
Country Niue Island
Metal Ag 999
Weight 62,2 g
Size Ø 50 mm
Quality Antique Finish
Additions Agate
Additions Numbered Edge
Mintage 500 pcs
Date of issue 2019-04
Accessories Certificate, Box

Price: 925,97 zł

Price: 899,00 zł

Great series Imperial Art is enriched with another image of the ancient world - Greece.


Parthenon on the Acropolis,

In the background the Athenian Acropolis,

On the right side, a stone insert is surrounded by the famous caryatids from the portico of the Erechtheum.



Bust of Plato,

Reconstruction of the interior of the Parthenon,

Queen Elizabeth II whose image embodies the greatest empire in history - the British Empire.


On the reverse of the two ounce oxidized coin, the Greek architecture admired to this day is shown. It also fills the obverse, in the central part of which we see a bust of Plato - an outstanding Greek philosopher.

The reverse is dominated by the Parthenon, undoubtedly the largest card of Greece. This building was built in the years 442 - 432 BC on the initiative of Pericles. In 434 BC was dedicated to the goddess Atenie. Behind the Parthenon is the Acropolis, one of the most famous hills in the world.

The central point of the coin is agate stone in a beautiful, azure color, which everyone associates with the paradise beaches of Greece. It gives the oxidized coin an incredible lightness and perfectly combines with the Hellenistic architecture.

Imperial Art is a series of beautiful and extremely carefully made coins, the theme of which is art, architecture and the achievements of the oldest civilizations in history.



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