Tournament of Destiny

We have been working a lot on this project and we are glad that we can finally tell you about it!

Together with our Technology Partner, ClickMeeting, we are organizing an online event - a charity quiz entirely devoted to The Witcher. The main prizes are of course coins with The Witcher, but not only!

All income from participation in the quiz will be donated to the Hospice Foundation from Gdańsk.

Let's do something good together!


About the quiz

The "Tournament of Destiny" is a quiz in which you will be able to test your knowledge about the Witcher universe. You can expect questions from the saga books, of course, but also from computer games and series broadcast on the Netflix platform. The difficulty level of the questions will be varied - fans will definitely be able to prove themselves! The quiz will mainly take the form of a test - of the four possible answers, only one is correct. However, that's not all - there will also be additional questions on creativity ... :) The quiz will be held remotely on the platform of our Technology Partner - ClickMeeting sp.z o.o.

The date

We invite you to the ClickMeeting platform on January 21, 2021 (Thursday) commencing at 19:00. The tournament will take 1-2 hours. Only registered people will be able to take part in the "Tournament of Destiny". The results will be announced on our website and at the event’s FB profile of the Gdańsk Mint.

Cost of participation

Participation in the quiz is payable - PLN 10 per person. The payment option will be launched in January participation using PayPal. All income will be donated to the Hospice Foundation  in Gdańsk, which our mint has been helping since the issue of the first coins with The Witcher. Only people who pay the admission fee will receive an email invitation with a link to participate in the "Tournament of Destiny ".


Detailed description is coming shortly. We can tell you now that the main prizes will be our unique coins with The Witcher! Description of each coin is available at this link.

The Host

Lofty goals, unique topics - and the host is at ease with the Witcher’s atmosphere. This is going to be fun! The "Tournament of Destiny" will be hosted by Wojciech Tremiszewski - actor, screenwriter, playwright, director. For many years he performed with Kabaret Limo; Over the last decade, he has been co-creating the impro scene in Tricity; he appeared in the television programs "And Who Says It?", "Thank God it's already Weekend "," Orłoś Kontra ". In the popular improvised series" Spadkobiercy" he plays the role of Warren. Artistic director of one of the biggest Polish impro festivals - Podaj Wiosło.


Registration for the "Destiny Tournament" will start soon. To take part in our quiz, we require the fee, together with your name and e-mail address. It is very important to provide a valid e-mail address: an invitation with a link to the quiz will be sent to it! We encourage you to follow our event on Facebook, where we will post more information about the quiz. If any of you want to sign up for a quiz now, so as not to forget about it - please write to us at and write "Destiny Tournament" in the title. The maximum number of quiz participants is set at 1000 people, so the order of submissions matters! :)

The Witcher phenomenon

The Witcher has become an icon of Polish fantasy in world pop culture. After the huge success of books and computer games and the broadcast of the famous series on the Netflix, new generations discover the Witcher’s universe this world with great enthusiasm.

In November 2020, the Mint of Gdansk started the presale of the second series of The Witcher collectibles. The mintage of the first series, issued in 2019, sold out completely! Silver coins will be prizes in the Destiny Tournament. Our motivation is also pro-social and charitable activities. We want to combine an interesting, big scale event that can engage up to 1000 people from all over Poland with a fundraiser for the Gdańsk hospice.

This Tournament is your destiny!


Author: Aleksandra Krywuć