15 proofs that is worth to buy coins with The Witcher

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Andrzej Sapkowski said: "Both coins are great!"


In short: 

1. One of the most modern mints in the world, the Mint of Poland, is the executor of coins with the Witcher.
2. The producer is the Mint of Gdańsk, whose coins are characterized by an increase in value and - due to their subject matter - are popular all over the world.
3. New Zealand dollars are the currency of many valuable collector coins.
4. The Witcher is a phenomenon created by Andrzej Sapkowski, contained in books, series, games, comic books, performances, etc. The Witcher is a phenomenon created by Andrzej Sapkowski. The Witcher has millions of fans all over the world.
5. These are the first coins about the Witcher, strictly limited.
6. They were made using the latest technology and the best materials - the highest quality silver 999 was transformed into two coins: 2 ounces and 1 kilogram, which were decorated with gilding, an element from a 3D printer, precious stones (agates).
7. Very small print runs - 2000 pieces for a 2 oz coin and 200 pieces for a 1 kg coin. They will surely be sold out, there will be more than enough coins for everyone.
8. The images of coins were created by designers and modelers valued in the numismatic world and were consulted by Andrzej Sapkowski.
9. The whole series of coins will form a history corresponding to the Witcher's Saga. It will be a perfect souvenir.
10. Attractive starting price; similar coins cost much more on the day of issue and their price increases steadily over time.
11. The huge interest of collectors, fans, media (such as Wp.pl, Onet.pl, Radio Zet, etc.) and the sale of more than half of the circulation show that the whole circulation will soon be sold out.
12. Gadgets with the Witcher such as figurines, let alone coins minted in precious metal, gain in value.
13. Collector coins and bouillon coins are a great investment. The Mint of Gdańsk maintains a list of coins which have gained in value.
14. The first season of the series "The Witcher" on the Netflix platform can be a great incentive to buy coins for those who are still undecided.
15. Investment in bullion is one of the safest ways to invest money. In the future, collector coins can be successfully sold to new fans, collectors or investors.  

 15 proofs that is worth to buy coins with The Witcher


Extended clarification: 

1. The contractor of the coins is the extremely prestigious Mint of Poland. It used to be a state-owned, and nowadays a private enterprise, it belongs to one of the three most technologically advanced mints in the world. 
2. The producer is an ingenious and experienced Mint of Gdansk, which fills in the thematic gaps on the Polish numismatic market as far as collector coins are concerned. It produces coins related to history, technology, art or architecture.
Mint of Gdansk has many impressive themes to his credit, such as: The Witcher, Assassins, the "Code of the Future" series, the "Imperial Art" series and the "Great Commanders" series. These coins are very popular among collectors and investors, not only from Poland. Collector coins are sold out quickly and their price on the market is rising.
3. Coins with the Witcher have a currency expressed in New Zealand dollars. They are therefore guaranteed by the government in New Zealand and are also legal tender on the island of Niue. Australia and Oceania (including New Zealand) are numismatic giants. Their currency have the best collector coins on the entire numismatic market, amongst others large and famous mints such as Perth Mint, Royal Australian Mint, New Zealand Mint, or New Zealand Post. The New Zealand currency is also used by other mints in the world, e.g. the Mint of Poland. Under Polish law, coins with the face value of the zloty may be issued only by the NBP.
4. The Witcher is one of the most recognizable Polish brands in the world. It all started with Mr. Andrzej Sapkowski, who in 1986 brought to life Geralt of Rivia. "The Witcher" was translated into more than 20 languages, the saga was best-selling in the prestigious New York Times in June 2015 and sold in over 300 thousand copies. A series of books have been used to create computer games that have been sold in more than 25 million copies, and have received more than 800 awards in total. Even US President Barack Obama boasted that he had received the Witcher. On the basis of these two successes, comics, film and TV series grew, a lot of organizations associating fans of The Witcher were created. Fans are also waiting for a new series with The Witcher. The Witcher has become the most important representative of Polish culture in the world.
5. Coins with the image of the Witcher are a limited edition, as well as the first coins with the image of the Witcher. The Mint of Gdańsk received exclusive rights from Andrzej Sapkowski to use the image of the Witcher on coins. This is a phenomenon in the world of numismatics, which will not happen again.
6. Coins with the Witcher are a technological gem. For their production, the highest quality 999 silver was used, from which a two-ounce coin (62.2 g) and a 1 kg coin were struck. It was their creation that used the most modern technology, which allowed to obtain the perfect quality of workmanship. Ultra high relief shows every tiniest detail of the coin's image, and additional decorations are precious stones - agates, a special insert printed on a 3D printer, as well as selective gilding.
7. These limited edition coins were minted at a low mintage of 2000 2-ounce and 200 1 kilogram coins. This is the world-wide mintage - for thousands of investors and fans of The Witcher from all over the world.
8. The images of the coins were consulted by Andrzej Sapkowski, the creator of The Witcher, who knows this universe like no one else in the world. Coin designs were created by art historians, graphic designers and modelers after graduation, among others at the Academy of Fine Arts.
9. The whole series of coins will form a logical sequence of events. Once a year another coin from the series will be published, corresponding to the consecutive books from the Saga about the Witcher. The collection of all the coins in the series will be much more valuable and valuable than the individual pieces. It is also a great souvenir for all fans of The Witcher.
10. The starting price of the first coins of the series is not high, given that the coins can gain in value. The issue price, PLN 1399 for the 2-ounce coin and PLN 13 999 for the 1 kilogram coin, is a promotional price - from 1 February it will increase to a regular price, PLN 1600 for the 2-ounce coin and PLN 16 000 for the 1 kilogram coin. Of course, unless the whole issue is sold out faster. The collector's market is governed by its own rules. The content of bullion is not an indicator of price. Collector coins are minted in small quantities and running the equipment to create such a small mintage costs money. Coins are issued in beautiful wooden boxes with a certificate and a jacket, which also affects the price. Copyright to each subject is also included in the cost of producing the coin. We can point to many examples of similar coins:

2$ Ares – God of War, 2 oz, Ag 999
Coin similar to the Witcher's specification: it has the same weight, issuer (Niue Island), gilding additive. It was struck in 2017 at the price of 1000 PLN. Currently, the coin is sought by collectors and its price is 8000 PLN.

15 proofs that is worth to buy coins with The Witcher
Tiffany Art series, 1 kg, Ag 999
This year's silver coin was dedicated to Angkor Wat, which was decorated with beautiful green glass and its mintage was 99 pieces. As in the case of one of the coins of the Witcher, its weight is 1 kilogram. It was put into circulation in March at the price of 19 999 PLN and sold out within a few weeks. Now its price has risen to 25 000 PLN. And it is only after a few months.

15 proofs that is worth to buy coins with The Witcher
100$ Józej Piłsudski, 1 kg, Ag 999
The coin was struck in 2018, with 1 kilogram of 999 silver and its initial price was 9 950 PLN. The price per kilogram of silver is PLN 2,140.02 (as at 21.11.2019). As you can see, the value of the collector coin exceeds the value of the gold itself even several times.

15 proofs that is worth to buy coins with The Witcher
Gold Ball - 100th Anniversary of Regaining Independence by Poland, 7 oz, Au 999
Issued in 2018, 7 oz. (217.7 g) Golden Ball (100 pieces). At the time of the issue, it was possible to buy it for 54 000 PLN, and today it is necessary to prepare for the expense of 110 000 PLN.

15 proofs that is worth to buy coins with The Witcher
1000 PLN Beatification of Pope John Paul II, 3 oz, Au 999
This gold coin weighing less than 100 grams (93.3 g) on the day of issue cost 30 thousand zlotys. At the moment, its market price fluctuates around 40-50 thousand zlotys, and it is still very difficult to get. The value of 100 grams of gold is PLN 18,362 (as at 21.11.2019). This is a good example of the great influence the coin theme has on the price.

15 proofs that is worth to buy coins with The Witcher
11. Coins with the Witcher enjoy great interest and fast selling rate. During the first weeks after the issue, more than half of the issue volume was sold, and by February 2020 it may have sold out completely. Many articles have been written about these coins, e.g. on WP.pl, Onet.pl, Interia.pl, SpidersWeb.pl, Gry-online,pl, CD-Action etc. They were also discussed in Radio Zet or Radio Eska.
12. Fans from all over the world collect various souvenirs and collectible gadgets related to The Witcher. The influence of the Witcher is evidenced by the videos popular on YouTube, which instruct, for example, how to create your own copy of the Geralt's sword. There are many more pop culture phenomena - the Witcher-inspired clothing lines (German brand Musterbrand, Californian Jynx), wallets, figurines, watches, children's clothes and many more. Fans are always looking for gadgets related to The Witcher. In May 2015, a collector's edition of the game "The Witcher 3: Wild Gon" was published for 350 PLN, which included, among others, a figure of the Witcher. This edition was limited and few people managed to buy it. Today, the figure itself is sold at auctions for as much as 800 PLN.
13. Collector coins are becoming more and more popular, not only in numismatic circles. Their subject matter and value is appreciated by many people. We have written an article in which we included an increase in the value of collector coins over the years. The year 2019 is not over yet, and we can already give examples of coins that were issued this year, and their value increased after just a few months:

2$ Hephaestus - Gods, 2 oz, Ag 999: price increase from PLN 1600 to PLN 3600.

15 proofs that is worth to buy coins with The Witcher
5$ Red Horse - Four Riders of the Apocalypse, 2 oz, Ag 999: price increase from PLN 1500 to PLN 2800.

15 proofs that is worth to buy coins with The Witcher
1$ Donut Simpsons, 1 oz, Ag 999: price increase from PLN 350 to PLN 500.

15 proofs that is worth to buy coins with The Witcher
5$ Zhao Yun - Ancient Chinese Warriors, 2 oz, Ag 999: price increase from PLN 1500 to PLN 3500.

15 proofs that is worth to buy coins with The Witcher
Most of the expensive coins belong to a series and collectors are keen to buy more of them.
14. Another increase in the Witcher's interest will take place on December 20, when Netflix, the film and series giant, will present the Witcher's first season. Until then, the coinage with the Witcher may already be sold out. The high search statistics for "The Witcher Netflix" on Google and the fact that the series' trailers have been watched over 33 million times on YouTube prove how many fans are waiting for the premiere. Netflix has already announced that it will broadcast the following seasons over the next few years.

15 proofs that is worth to buy coins with The Witcher

Increase in Google's search for "The Witcher" after adding a Netflix trailer. "100" means the highest search value.

15. Investing in bullion is one of the safest forms of investment. Most coins gain value over the years and, what is also important, they are not subject to inflation. It is multiplying one's assets, thinking about the future, about protecting oneself or one's family. However, every investment carries a risk. It is an inseparable element of investing money, especially when it comes to works of art, and collector coins begin to be counted among them. The risk is that you do not know if and how much you will gain from the purchase. Collector coins, if not more expensive, maintain their issue price. In extremely rare cases, it happens that coins lose their value. This happens only at huge volumes (e.g. 500,000 pieces) combined with a subject that is not interesting for collectors.
Collector coins, after increasing their value, can be successfully sold to new fans, collectors, investors or numismatic companies. The place of such sale is, among others, auction portals or numismatic companies. The aftermarket for collector coins is very extensive. 



Author: Łukasz Rosanowski, Anita Jaworska, Izabela Lemańczyk