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Gold Bar Argor-Heraeus 5 g

5 g Au 999 Switzerland

Gold Bar 5 g
Country Switzerland
Metal Au 999
Weight 5 g
Accessories Blister

Price: 1 073,23 zł

Price: 1 041,97 zł

Investing in gold is one of the most popular form of money saving, which brings a lot of advantages and makes us sure of our secure future.

The Swiss company Argor-Heraeus is with no single doubt the leader on the precious metals world market. As one of five  refinery in the world, it owns the LBMA certificate (London Bullion Market Association), sets high standards and guard the quality of their products. Thanks to their vigilant eye, everyone who decides to invest in gold joins an elite society who safely and securely locates their savings.

Buying a bar from the company which has been accredited as the most authoritative world organization guarantees 100% good quality of the product we bought.

What is more, the company gives you a chance to sell the product everywhere in the world where you can sell precious metals.

Bars up to 100g are numbered and packed in a special Certipack.


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