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5$ Big Bang - Universe

2 oz Ag 999 Meteorite NWA 11228

Denomination 5 $
Country Niue Island
Metal Ag 999
Weight 62,2 g
Size Ø 50 mm
Quality Antique Finish
Additions Printing UV
Additions Fluorescent Printing
Additions Meteorite
Additions Convex
Mintage 500 pcs
Date of issue 2019-05
Accessories Certificate, Box

Price: 925,97 zł

Price: 899,00 zł

We present you the first coin from the unique series devoted to the most important cosmic phenomena of the Universe. According to chronology, the Big Bang opens the series.

According to the most probable scientific theory, the Universe, i.e. space, time, matter, energy and influence, emerged as a result of the Big Bang. One should not understand this phenomenon too literally - explosion is understood not as an explosion, but as the expansion of space.

The coin dedicated to the Big Bang has the shape of a lens and is minted from two ounces of silver 999.

This is the concave part of the coin in which the meteorite NWA 11228 piece is located in the centre, the lightest part. It is surrounded by a multi-colored fluorescent UV print imitating space with planets and stars.

On this part the oxidation of the coin is visible. The information about the parameters: issuer, denomination, year of issue was placed along the edge. There is also the name of the series "Universe", the name of the queen "Elizabeth II", whose image we can admire at the top of the obverse.

The project of the coin was enchanted by many collectors at this year's Numismatic Fair in Berlin. We recommend it as a good investment!

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