2$ Battle Of Midway - Battles that Changed History

Ag 999

2$ Battle Of Midway - Battles that changed history 2018
2 $
Niue Island
Ag 999
31,1 g
Ø 40 mm
Antique Finish
Printing UV
5000 pcs
Date of issue
Certificate, Box
Battles that changed history
Price: 409.00 PLN
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Honoring a Decisive Victory in World War II

December 7, 1941, “a date that will live in infamy,” as President Franklin Roosevelt called it, marked the beginning of American participation in the Second World War. The surprise attack shook a country only beginning to overcome the devastation of the Great Depression. While the war would rage on for another four years, one of most decisive battles in the Pacific theater took place just six months later from June 4-7, 1942.

The US Navy under the famed Admiral Chester Nimitz, along with fellow admirals Frank Jack Fletcher and Raymond Spruance took on a fleet of attacking ships of the Imperial Japanese Navy near Midway Atoll, from which the battle gets its name. John Keegan, a military historian, later called the American victory “the most stunning and decisive blow in the history of naval warfare.” This 2018 Niue one ounce Silver Battles that Changed History Midway Antique coin commemorates that battle and Nimitz’s victory, which would prove pivotal.

"BATTLES THAT CHANGED HISTORY" SERIES - This 2018 Silver Antique Midway coin is the issue in Niue’s Battles that Changed History Series. The series is perfect for collectors who have an interest in history, especially military history.

CLASSIC ANTIQUE FINISH – Each Midway coin was struck from one troy ounce of 99.9% fine silver at the New Zealand Mint. Each piece also has an antique finish that gives them a historic look and feel that is perfect for coins marking historical events.

NIUE LEGAL TENDER – This Antiqued Midway coin is two dollars legal tender in Niue. Traditionally known as the “Rock of Polynesia,” the island is known for the coral reef that surrounds it and the stark limestone cliffs that drop from its central plateau on the coasts.

EXCELLENT EXTRAS – Your coin will arrive in its original packaging from the mint. That includes a themed outer box that features a black line illustration of the battle on an antiqued paper texture. Inside that packaging, the coin comes in an antique-looking timber box that has a black velvet interior.

A LIMITED MINTAGE – Just 5,000 pieces were minted.

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